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Cat/ Dog Grooming Massage Tool To Remove Loose Hairs

Cat/ Dog Grooming Massage Tool To Remove Loose Hairs


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A gently curved tooth comb: cat fur under the skin is soft place cat, silicone comb like boots scratching, steel tooth comb will harm cats, a good comb needs elastic radian, let every brush become enjoyment, not pleasant distance.

How can change hair season without it, whenever pets change hair season or rut, inevitably will fly hair everywhere. 

How to solve Flying hair during the carding process? 

Cat ear comb helps you save energy comb away pet body float hair reduce hair loss and knot occurrence happen.


1. Clean up inside and outside cat hair: ordinary soft teeth can clean surface hair cannot clean inside deep float hair steel tooth comb also destroys normal hair cat ear comb helps solve this worry.

2. Elastic hook tooth comb into fluff: tooth head protects cat skin tooth head length is 30 minutes, easily hook float hair does not harm pet skin.

3. Handle grip comfortable half arc handle hold comfortable give pet combing easy effortless.

4. Special craft elastic tooth comb, skin is not easy to break, suitable for short hair long hair cats.


Name: a comb of idle cat

Material: EVA

Weight: 53g

Color: pink, blue, green

Dimensions: 10*9cm

Package Included:

Shell comb*1

Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 100 × 90 × 15 cm

Blue, Green, Pink

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